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Consultant | Lyricist | Creative Mind 

This is Jaco Field currently based in Port Elizabeth - South Africa.

Jaco is a strong-willed and determined character, coupled with an open mind and creative thinking. He also exhibits perfectionist traits and is highly motivated to achieve specific goals. Jaco particularly enjoys collaborating with companies in the Consumer Goods and Media Entertainment industries.

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According to Oxford Languages, expression is the action of making known one's thoughts or feelings.

Jaco firmly believes in the power of expression, whether it is conveyed audibly or visually. He recognizes the significance of effective communication as a means to convey ideas and messages successfully.

Presentation & Observation

Use what is around you to your advantage.

Consumer Goods

Comparative testing, user experience testing and design feedback.


Commercials, Lyrics, social content and literature feedback.


Active participation consulting approach with collaborative members.


Available to travel as required to enhance collaborative efforts.

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I have had a diverse career journey spanning across different industries. I began my professional path in automotive manufacturing, where I worked as a CAD Technician specializing in prototype component production.

However, I later decided to shift my focus to the consumer market and ventured into the role of a Technical Support Engineer. As my expertise grew, I transitioned into the role of a Product Application Engineer, where I had the opportunity to contribute to different aspects of product development, ranging from providing feedback on startup documents to influencing the choice of music for product commercials.

In addition to my external interactions, I have always been an active advisor and consultant internally within the organizations I have worked for. Colleagues have often sought my input and expertise, valuing my ability to provide valuable insights and alternative perspectives. Whether it's brainstorming new product ideas, offering suggestions for process improvements, or providing guidance on customer interactions, I have continuously served as a trusted advisor and consultant to my peers.

One of my greatest strengths is my open-minded approach and ability to tackle situations from multiple perspectives. I thrive in fields and industries that require creativity and an open mind to provide valuable feedback.

I have had the privilege of working internationally, including spending time in China for work purposes. This experience has broadened my horizons and given me a global perspective on various industries.

In addition to my professional endeavors, I have also dabbled in marketing for an outdoor consumer brand. Through organic efforts, I successfully grew their Facebook page following in just a few months. Furthermore, I have utilized my skills to create websites for businesses, combining my technical knowledge with a creative touch.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a keen interest in music and the visual content field. These areas allow me to explore my creative side and engage with different forms of artistic expression.

Overall, my diverse background, open-mindedness, and passion for creative problem-solving make me a valuable asset in any field or industry that values innovation and seeks fresh perspectives. 

Thoughts on Jaco
Jaco and we (Lexcent) jointly completed an automotive 3D scan case study in China. His focus on technology left a deep impression on me. I appreciate his accumulation in this field and look forward to our next collaboration.
- Leo Xiao – President, Lexcent

Jaco is one of the most innovative thinkers I know. His insight and creative perceptions can impact your business exponentially.
Dr. Francois Engelbrecht – CEO, Coaching Winners / Author, “Unlock Your Potential

His music was so fantastic. He reflected my opinion well and made a song that can be enjoyed regardless of age or gender with an addictive rhythm.
- DJ Kara "카라" House – Intl. Professional DJ 

Jaco consistently brings a creative and unique perspective with his expertise. His professional guidance is greatly appreciated and inspires everyone in the room, he has enabled us to execute a campaign with confidence. I certainly look forward to our future collaborations.
- Claire Qui – International Marketing Expert

I have known Jaco for 15 years and I have always found him trustworthy, hard working, intelligent, highly organised and someone who shows good communication skills. He takes initiative and stays calm under pressure.
- Danielle Raymond – Brand Ambassador / Cabin Crew Member

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